Driving Tests


Let us take you to your driving test! No Stress, No Hassle, No Worries. 

North Shore Driving School offers a Test Day Package of 2.5  hours that you can use on the day of your test!

We can take the stress out of your test by assisting you on your test day.

All of our Instructors work well with nervous drivers who are about to go for their P1 Provisional Licence practical test.

They also keep their cars in tip-top shape, so you don't have to worry about the vehicle passing the Pre-Test Inspection.

What's included?

  1. You will be picked up from home.
  2. Have a 1 hour lesson before your test.
  3. You will drive to the Service NSW Centre and your Instructor will help you log in for your test. 
  4. Use of the car during the test is included. 
  5. You will be dropped back to your home after the test. 
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