Testimonials - Leila D

5 Stars


Amazing instructor so helpful and patient

5 Stars


Thanks to Greg and Leila for driving with me over the last two months and helping me to pass my driving test on the first go!! Highly recommend them for their kind and thorough teaching skills, and would happily encourage anyone to choose North Shore Driving school. Thanks again to Greg and Leila!

5 Stars


Great teacher! Turned me from a reckless driver into a careful and smart one.

5 Stars


I’d like to thank Leila for her patience and delicate guidance. She’s helped me build up my confidence to drive on Australian roads after almost 10 years of driving left-had-drive back home. Best instructor! Highly recommended.

5 Stars


I have to recommend Leila to everyone, she is just incredible!!! I am the super nervous type when it comes to driving; however, Leila made the whole teaching and driving experience absolutely easy and stress-free for me, very good and professional coach, I just cannot thank her enough!!! and I passed my driving test today, first time, yay!! So happy! :)

5 Stars


Leila had been helpful and understanding from day one. She reviewed my driving skills, understood my requirement and helped me to understand Australian Road rules to pass my Driving Test in first go. She was very accommodative and was always encouraging.

My heartfelt thank you to her for helping me to accomplish one of a major achievement (getting a Driving License) after migrating to Australia.

5 Stars


Very effective in teaching you the processes of how you will be tested and what to do when presented with differing scenarios.

5 Stars


Leila was a great teacher very understanding and helpful :)

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